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Biological Solutions To Agricultural Aquaculture and Industrial Pollution

Ultra SOP - Soil Organism Pack

    * The Biological Solution To Chemical Pollution *

                    Ultra- SOP Puts Life Back Into Non-Productive Soils

With the constant use and abuse of chemicals, soils have become harder and more difficult to plow. The primary reason for this is due to the destruction of the natural biological systems in the soil. Organic matter content in intensive agricultural soils has been constantly dropping over the past thirty years. When you compare humus levels of 4 to 5% to today's levels of 1 & 1/2 to 2.0% it gives you a clear indication of why the biological support system for the needed beneficial microorganisms is being diminished markedly. This effect can be clearly observed when you still find non-decomposed thatch and stubble wastes that have been plowed into the soil 1 and even 2 seasons ago.

Why does this happen? In simple terms, it is due to a lack of essential microorganism decomposers, which are the natural recyclers in soil and water.

By using Ultra-SOP a concentrated source of natural soil organisms and enzymes, which help to detoxify and balance the soils natural equilibrium resulting in more productive soils.

Live Healthy Biologically Active Soils = Are Productive Soils

Ultra-SOP rapidly decomposes and recycles organic wastes into beneficial organic matter (humus).

Ultra-SOP helps to release bound and tied up nutrients required for normal potato plant development through biological conversion and bioavailability. Inorganic nutrients such as phosphates and trace elements are made available for plant growth by metabolic processes.

Use Methods: A- Mix 1/2 to 3/4 kg of Ultra-SOP with you're normal per acre application of dry granular fertilizer and till into the soil in the regular manner.

B- May also be mixed with water as long as it is filtered to prevent spray nozzle blockage.

C- After harvest: May also be applied in combination with limestone at the end or beginning of the season at rates that would provide 1/2 to 3/4 kg per acre.

The application of Ultra-SOP should be followed be regular watering in order to activate and establish the microorganisms. Results are normally observed within 5 to 30 days from application.


UT Trademark 2000  Ultra Neutralizer Soil Acid Neutralizer

 For Acid Soils of pH 6.0 or below

Ultra Neutralizer  Plus is a liquid concentrate solution of organic chelating, wetting, penetrating and dispersing agents, combined with a highly reactive hydroxide base. 

Ultra Neutralizer is designed to neutralize acid soils and may be used in a wide variety of applications. 

Ultra Neutralizer may be used on acid soils where it helps to free up the carbonate reserves, which causes a rapid release of the soils unavailable alkali reserves and increases pH in the (MCS) water pH of soils.

Ultra Neutralizer  reacts rapidly with the organic acids blocking the OH sites on the carbonates and re-opening them for further activity. 

Ultra Neutralizer helps to make nutrients available by increasing water pH of acid soils to a level which maximizes the availability of essential nutrients.

Ultra Neutralizer  functions by increasing the solubility of the calcium ion, opening more sites for hydrogen ion reaction at greater dispersion in the soil and by immediately reacting to neutralize the (MCS)-Moisture Content of Soils, safely and naturally.

Ultra Neutralizer  should only be used on soils with water pH ranges of 4.9 to 6.0 and a (Buffer / Reserve capacity) pH of 6.0 in order to be economic and effective.

It should be noted that plants are not rock crushers and do not have the ability to extract nutrients from soil particles unless they are in solution with (water) and bio-available. (Buffer Capacity) as related to soil pH has importance, however moisture pH of the soil is the actual environment in which plants grow. The available nutrients must be in solution in order to be used by plants at a relatively neutral pH for maximum availability.

The most productive soils, when analyzed, are within pH ranges of 6.0 to 7.5 (MCS) which maximizes nutrient availability and beneficial biological activity.

General Use Rates: 6 to 8 liter Ultra Neutralizer  with 100 liters water per ha preferably applied prior to a rainfall for maximum penetration. Normally effective in the upper 25 to 30cm of soil.

Packaging: 210 and 20 liter plastic drums. D.O.T. Class: Corrosive Liquid. (By Sea or Land Freight Only)

Ultra Organic  

The Organic Potato Growth Stimulant 

* Ultra Organic: Is a Patent Pending formulation based on plant extracts of naturally occurring organic compounds that have demonstrated their safety and value in agricultural applications, as effective aids to potato growth.

* Ultra Organic: At very low and economical use rates, alters the tension of water, which helps release bound up soil nutrients and improves water absorption and retention capabilities preventing drought or excess water stress.

* Ultra Organic: Typical analysis also indicates minor amounts of plant growth regulators such as auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins, more than 106 minerals, vitamins, amino acids including lactic, fulvic and humic acids.

* Ultra Organic: Is an economical and safe alternative for increasing potato yields without sacrificing quality and food safety.

* Ultra Organic: May be used as a potato growth aid in foliar, soil and root transplant applications, as well as seed potato treatment applications to aid germination and root development.

* Ultra Organic: Has a broad range of activity, which permits maximum productivity under the most severe growing conditions, and stresses of modern and intensive agricultural practices. With the ever-increasing costs of traditional chemicals it is s a safe and economical aid in increasing production and profits.

The ingredients contained in Ultra Organic indicate and exhibit the following effects:

* Increase water retention and absorption in the soil

* Helps make soil nutrients available by natural wetting and chelation

* Stimulates biological activity in soil by the increased availability of nutrients 

* Increase foliar nutrient uptake by altering the tension of water

* Aids germination and root development

* Promote fruit set and development

* Enhance plant resistance to stress produced by environmental factors such as temperature and water.

  General Applications: Potatoes

To improve sizing and prevent hallow heart, (potato air pockets / holes) Ultra Organic should be used only after flowering at a rate of 1 1/2 quarts per acre with 25 to 50 gallons water or 3.5 liters per ha. with 100 to 200 liters water - foliar applied - single application only. Numerous producers have reported increased harvests of 7,000 to 11,000 kg per hectare with improved quality.

  Seed Potato Treatment Methods: 

Single application of 1 & 1/2 quarts of Ultra Organic per acre with 25 to 50 gallons water or 3.5 liters per ha. with 100 to 200 liters water  must be foliar applied only prior to flowering, will normally increase the number of tubers by as much as 30 to 50% and improve quality.


Disinfectant Fungicide

Research Brief Ultradyne Disinfectant Fungicide Registered In Mexico For Disinfecting Potable Drinking Water For Human, Poultry And Livestock Use, As Well As A Final Rinse For The Preservation And Protection Of Fruits And Vegetables Prior To Consumption, Storage And/Or Transportation. ( DOT CLASS: NON HAZARDOUS ) This study was made possible thanks to the assistance of the Government of Canada through The Canadian International Development Agency (C.I.D.A.) for Laboratoires Ultrateck Laboratories Inc. Division. UltraDyne series of products are based on natural food grade nutritional organic source ingredients. (patent pending)

Ultradyne-C Food Protection Preservation Experiments

In order to reduce the serious losses which constantly occur during the storage and transport of fruits and vegetables, due to the growth of mould and fungi, Ultrateck SA de CV from our Mexican Division developed methods of applying UltraDyne to fruits and vegetables to study its effects.

Please Note: The ingredients in both of our new UltraDyne A and C are classed as food and feed grade, complexed with organic plant extracts of natural origin combined with citric acid to provide a high level of free soluble active iodine, that is safe and effective, virtually non staining, based on a patent pending process.

A final rinse water solution was prepared using UltraDyne-C at rates ranging from 1/2 to 9 parts UltraDyne to 1000 parts water. These solutions were applied in the final rinse water prior to packaging to various fruits and vegetables as a disinfectant to prevent spoilage and prolong shelf-life.

The various tests showed that the treated fruits and vegetables greatly retarded the growth of mould and fungi responsible for fruit and vegetable spoilage. There was no damage or impairing in the appearance or flavor of the treated foods, even when high doses of up to 6 parts UltraDyne-C with 1000 parts water were used.

Tests conducted for possible residues clearly showed no toxic residues related to UltraDyne's ingredients, on / or in the fruits and vegetables tested.

It should be noted that chlorine products have shown to be non effective in these applications due to their inability to function in high organic soil loads, not to mention their suspected environmental effects.

  UltraDyne-C Food Preservation Experiments

Fruit And Vegetable Rinsing Prior To Packaging

Potatoes: It was very clear and evident from the visible effect of the treated potatoes - odors were virtually eliminated and rotting was prevented by more than three (3) times that of the untreated shelf samples.

UltraDyne-C has been shown to be very effective as a potato seed treatment in the prevention of many fungi such as fusarium, when used as a soak or spray solution, at rates of 3 to 9 parts UltraDyne-C per 1,000 parts water. This has also shown to be a very effective method of preservation when UltraDyne-C is used in the final rinse water in potato storage bins where high levels of spoilage occur through cross contamination.

The same effect was observed with tomatoes, oranges and lemons that were treated in the same manner. The rotting of plums and peaches was substantially reduced on treated samples even when the rinse solution was reduced to less than 1/2 part UltraDyne-C with 1,000 parts water solution.

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