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Biological Solutions To Agricultural Aquaculture and Industrial Pollution

Dairy Cow Waste Treatment Odor ControlAnimal Waste Septic Tank SystemPig Sow Waste Treatment

Contents: Biological bioremediation odor control of agricultural wastes animal manures

Products For: Biological bioremediation composting recycling waste and odor control of agriculture animal wastes and manures such as: beef and dairy cows manure, hogs pigs poultry swine manure treatment and odour control, poultry manures, agriculture soil remediation and detoxification. Applications such as: waste water and liquid manure holding systems, cesspools, grease traps, lagoons, pipe lines,

UT Green Line

  Grease Traps Septic Tanks Ultra ProtoZyme-5

              Easy To Use Liquid Biological Cleaner Deodorizer Waste Treatment

General: Cesspools, Floors, Gutters, Grease Traps, Laundry Pre-Spotter and Deodorizer, Septic Tanks, Etc.

Examples: Agricultural, Treatment of Animal Housing in Dairy, Beef, Pig, Poultry, Swine Livestock and Manure Holding Tanks.

Septic TanksAnimal Hospitals Laboratories: Cages, floors, grease traps, laundry spotter deodorizer.

* Controls Odors - Ammonia and H2S Gases.
* Cleans and Deodorizes Biologically
* Stimulates Decomposition of Organic wastes.
* Prevents Solidification Compaction holding tanks
* Non Hazardous, Non Pathogenic, Non Mutating


Pig Sow Waste TreatmentUltra ProtoZyme-5 controls odors, conserves and prevents nutrient losses, and maximizes the potential agricultural value of manures.

Typical Characteristics Biological

Activity Count: Min. 100 billion/litre minimum,  Fat, grease and oil digesting bacteria/enzymes, protein digesting bacteria/enzymes, cellulose digesting bacteria/enzymes.
Status: The Organisms in our Ultra ProtoZyme-5 biological liquid concentrate comply to: The Canadian - DSL list, and Class 1, non pathogenic, non mutating spore form / spore forming organisms of the bacillus family, In Asia, Australia, Europe, USA and most other countries.
Class: Non Hazardous, and may be used around animals and humans.

Stability......................................12-24 months


Appearance..........................Milky turbid liquidAnimal Waste Septic Tank System
Odor...............................Pleasantly perfumed
Specific Gravity..........................................1
Effective ph range............................4.0-10.0
Effective temperature range................5 to 50c
Standard packaging..........10/20/210 liter/drums

Optimum Conditions For Use

Bacteria and Enzymes in Ultra ProtoZyme-5 perform within a ph range of 4.0 to 10.0 with the optimum ph near 7.0 temperature affects the activity of the working solution and action increases with rising temperatures up to 45c. diminished activity can be expected below 5c.

Storage and Handling

Storage........................................Store in cool, dry place
Handling.....................Avoid eye and prolonged skin contact

You Can Do something about the high cost of chemical fertilizers

Consider Recycling and Reusing Animal Manures

A rich natural source of fertilizers, micro-nutrients and biologically active organic matter, which helps to improve the soil structure.

Start Working with Nature

Ultra ProtoZyme-5 is a biological waste remediation agent formulated with non pathogenic, non mutating, live bacteria and enzymes, for the treatment and odor control of liquid animal manures and other organic wastes.Animal Manure Composting

* Ultra ProtoZyme-5 is not a fertilizer - It helps in the following ways:

* Controls Odors - Ammonia and H2S gases *

* Stimulates Bio-Fermentation of Wastes *

* Prevents Solidification and Compaction of animal manures in liquid holding systems.

* Conserves and Prevents Nutrient and Ammonia losses in manures which maximizes their potential agricultural value.

! Think About This Carefully and Logically: Example BelowDairy Cow Waste Treatment Odor Control

* The average dairy cow produces approximately 20 metric tons or 44,000 lbs of liquid and solid waste manure Per/head-Per/year.

* As much as 10% of this manure contains fertilizers and micronutrients which are essential for plant growth.

* This equals 2 metric tons - 4,400 lbs Per/head-Per/year of essential NPK, countless micronutrients and not to mention organic matter.

* At the very least stop wasting this valuable natural source, especially with today's chemical costs, not to mention the environmental problems that could be reduced with logical alternatives.

* Ultra ProtoZyme-5 helps in preventing and even eliminating most of the problems associated with the handling and use of animal manures and organic wastes.

Packaging: 10, 20 and 210 Liter Drums

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New DispensoZyme

     Biological Animal Waste Treatment SystemFarm Manure Spreader         

                            Biological Dispenser Waste Treatment Recycles - Controls Odors

                       Rapidly Converts Wastes and Manures To Beneficial Organic Humus

The DispensoZyme floating dispenser system is an automatic maintenance free, refillable and reusable biological animal septic waste treatment system that slowly releases a safe and effective blend of cleaning and digesting organisms and enzymes.

The specially formulated slow release blend
of microorganisms, enzymes and nutrients used in the DipensoZyme System, rapidly breaks down excess nutrients from animal manures, preventing solidification and compaction while controlling odors (Ammonia and H2S gases) .

The DipensoZyme floating system is a natural
wayHog Manure Treatment to maintain manure septic tank holding systems in an environmentally balanced condition.

Application: DispensoZyme floating dispenser units may simply be floated tied or anchored in your waste holding tank.

Under most conditions 1 DispensoZyme
floating unit will treat 500,000 liters of animal manure septic waste.

Simply open the the lower pre-set seal,
release the unit in your system  and let the Automatic Biological DispensoZyme unit do the work for you.

DispensoZyme MD provides positive odor control with the rapid breakdown to usable plant and soil nutrients/humus of most agricultural animal wastes and wastewater effluents.Manure Fertilizer

Status: The Organisms in our DispensoZyme Floating Units (Bio-MD biological dry concentrate) comply to: The Canadian - DSL list, and Class 1, non pathogenic, non mutating spore form / spore forming organisms of the bacillus family, In Asia, Australia, Europe, USA and most other countries.


                            * Controls Odors - Ammonia and H2S Gases *
                                 * Cleans and Deodorizes Biologically *

                        * Stimulates Decomposition of Organic Wastes *
                * Prevents Solidification and Compaction in holding Tanks *
                * Non Hazardous, Non Pathogenic, Indigenous Organisms *

1 DispensoZyme unit treats a minimum of 500,000 liters for up to 45 days

Bio-MD Bulk biological refills are available in 2 and 10 kg packaging

Packaging - 6  pre-charged units per case


Enviro Plus Odor Controller

Animal Manure CompostingAnimal Waste Septic Tank System

The Natural Organic Solution to Odor Pollution

The water-short cropland, the wastewater treatment lagoon, the feedlot and the swine and poultry barn manure pit all have as a common denominator, biological systems functioning in less than ideal conditions.

The effect on the crop is reduced yield and quality, while the observed effect on the other three is incomplete metabolism of the waste by the microorganisms. This partial metabolism generates malodorous by products and in the case of the lagoon also results in less than the maximum BOD removal.

Application of Enviro Plus to animal manure wastes or wastewater promotes normal reproduction of the microorganisms, as evidenced by dramatic population increases in treated wastes, and more complete digestion of the unwanted organic wastes.

This results in significantly reducing ammonia and H2S gases and other toxic chemical reactions, which in turn results in effectively controlling manure and waste odors.

Enviro Plus is effective regardless of temperature or pH conditions of the liquid or solid waste to which it may be applied. It works in both fresh and salt water and in highly acidic or alkali environments. Enviro Plus significantly improves the performance of most biological products and ecosystems under the most adverse conditions. It should always be considered as a part of any bioaugmentation or remediation program.

Biological Activity Of Enviro Plus

A living cell has a relatively narrow range of conditions that, can be considered optimum for its growth and reproduction. It survival range is much more broad but it does not function at an optimal level under conditions of extreme temperatures, low moisture, too acidic or alkaline surroundings, a high population density of competing organisms, high concentrations of dissolved salts, or in fluctuations of temperature, moisture, pH, etc...

A healthy cell has a membrane that can expend energy to maintain a high concentration gradient of nutrients and salts between the cell and the nutrient matrix. This process is known as active transport. When the membrane has been damaged by one or more of the previously listed adverse conditions, the active transport process diminishes. The nutrients in the cell are then lost and general cell functions, including metabolism and reproduction, are impaired.

Biochemical research has shown that a damaged membrane will reform and begin to function properly in the presence of very low concentrations of Enviro Plus Extract. Introduction of appropriate plant compounds can thus broaden the range of optimum conditions for living cells.

Enviro Plus has shown itself to be very effective in obtaining near normal crop yields when growing conditions are less than ideal.

A third use of Enviro Plus , still in the development stages, is showing great promise as an animal feed additive. It apparently optimizes the conditions for the microorganisms living in the digestive tract of the animal. In chickens it has increased egg production and eliminated Ammonia and H2S Gases-Odors in the excrement.

Ingredients: Based on food grade organic plant extracts of natural origin, including algenic, humic and lactic acids, manitol, tri-glycerides, glycocides, combined with sarsapogenin. (Patent Pending).

Use Rates: 1 to 25 ppm of total waste

Packaging: 10, 20 and 210 Liter Drums


Ultra Bio-MD Manure Degrader

The Biological Solution for Dairy Poultry Livestock and Hog Manures

A: When Ultra Bio-MD may be used in conjunction  with Enviro Plus Extract, to provide positive odor control with the rapid breakdown of most agricultural animal wastes and wastewater effluents.

B: Ultra Bio-MD contains non pathogenic live bacterial strains and enzymes which are selectively adapted to digest complex and non-biodegradable compounds such as detergents, fats, fibers, oils, grease, phenols, proteins etc.

C: Ultra Bio-MD program provides you with a safe natural and economical method of treating wastes and controlling odors, ammonia and H2S gases.

D: Ultra Bio-MD has the ability to digest complex compounds that are toxic to most existing bacteria.

E: Ultra Bio-MD cultures grow in either the presence or absence of oxygen and are stable for up to 2 years.

F: Ultra Bio-MD cultures are non pathogenic, non corrosive, safe to handle and store, and are certified salmonella free.

Ultra Bio-MD Manure Degrader

Activity Count: 1.7 billion/per/gram or approx: 50 billion/per/oz

Status: The Organisms in our Bio-MD biological dry concentrate comply to: The Canadian - DSL list, and Class 1, non pathogenic, non mutating spore form / spore forming organisms of the bacillus family, In Asia, Australia, Europe, USA and most other countries.

Enzyme Activity:                         Hog Manure Treatment
Amylolytic activity: .......................       600 b.a.u./gram     
Betaglucanase activity: ..     40 betaglucanase units/gram
Hemicellulase activity: .....    500 hemicellulase units/gram
Protease activity: .         90 proteolytic casein units/gram


Protein digesting bacteria, starch digesting bacteria/enzymes, cellulose digesting bacteria/enzymes, detergent digesting bacteria, fat and oil (animal/vegetable) digesting bacteria/enzymes.

Appearance: Tan colored free flowing powder
Odor: Cereal like earthy
Effective pH range 5.0 to 9.0
Bacterial Count: 1.5 billion per/gram min.

Effective use rate:

2 to 10 kg per 100 tons of dairy, swine, poultry or other livestock manures (May be mixed with carriers such as limestone).

STORAGE CONDITIONS: For optimal activity over longest storage time keep in dry warehouse under 45c. Half life under these conditions estimated to be in excess of two years.

Available in: 10 and 20 kg fiber lined kegs.


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