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STCD Grease Trap Cleaner Plus

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 STCD Grease Trap Cleaner Plus: Is a Natural Biological Grease Trap Cleaner Digester and Deodorizer, using a safe and effective beneficial enzyme blend.

STCD Grease Trap Cleaner Plus: Is an environmentally friendly biological treatment safe to use as it contains non hazardous natural source ingredients free of any harsh and corrosive chemicals.

STCD Grease Trap Cleaner Plus: Is harmless to any type of plumbing and grease trap materials.

Grease Trap Restaurant Food ServiceRestaurants Institutions and Food Service Kitchen Operations spend a great deal of money on regular grease trap pump outs and maintenance. You can prevent these frequent pump-outs and embarrassing foul odor problems with a preventative maintenance program using GTP in your grease trap systems which will rapidly digest and eliminate solid wastes and scum layers. Unlike corrosive chemicals which simply liquefy organic wastes that re-solidify further down the system and add the hazardous chemical to our environment. GTP biologically digests the organic wastes down to carbon dioxide and water leaving no toxic or hazardous wastes.

Grease Traps Institutional and Restaurants: Use two heaping teaspoons in a cup with warm water and pour into grease trap at the end of a working day and let the product work overnight. If the system is still sluggish with foul odors, reapply GTP until system functions properly.

Regular treatment: Weekly with 1 heaping teaspoon (10 grams or 1/2 oz) mixed in a cup with warm water.

Status: The Organisms Enzymes in our STCD-Dry and concentrate comply to: The Canadian Environmental Ministries- DSL list, and Class 1, non pathogenic, non mutating, In Asia, Australia, Europe, USA and most other countries.

Septic Tank Biological TreatmentAlso available in economical 10 kg packaging - Email us for pricing and information

Wholesale prices are also available for qualified resellers, dealers and distributors.

Minimum orders of 12 units plus for wholesale pricing - Please contact us E-mail for further details.

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