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Biological Solutions To Industrial Pollution

 Soil Toxins

 The Natural Biological Soil Remediation Agent

Detox-O-Zyme: Helps to detoxify soils contaminated with complex synthetic chemicals, such as cumulative herbicide and pesticide residuals.

The primary reason for the toxic cumulative contamination effects is due in large part to the destruction of the natural biological recycling systems in the soil.


Detox-O-Zyme: Helps to revive and reactivate the indigenous biological recycling populations in the soil which eventually break down these chemical toxins to simple carbon dioxide and water.

Detox-O-Zyme increases the availability of non-organic nutrients such as phosphates and trace elements which are made available for turf and root growth by metabolic processes.

Fertilizer Applicator SUGGESTED USE METHODS

A- Mix ½ to 3/4 kg or 1 to 2 pounds of Detox-O-Zyme with your normal per acre amount of dry granular or liquid fertilizer or fine limestone and apply in the regular manner.

B– Detox-O-Zyme may be used at a rate of 1 to 2 applications per season. Soil contaminants analysis test should be taken prior to application and 30 to 60 days after application.

The application of Detox-O-Zyme should be followed by watering in order to activate and establish the beneficial indigenous micro organisms. Results are normally observed within 5 to 10 days from application.

   UT Green Line

 Ultra CP-6

Effective in most substituted and Unsubstituted aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons

Ultra CP-6 has taken more than 5 years to develop in order to have a safe and effective product for todays and tomorrows needs. With a viable bacteria content in the billions of organisms per gram, Ultra CP-6 is formulated and engineered to degrade a great variety of troublesome pollutants. The unique strains of microflora can degrade and detoxify a large array of substituted and unsubstituted aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Ultra CP-6 has been shown to be more resistant to heavy metal content than some other products. Growth on petrochemical compounds and the compounds concurrent biodegradation occur even when up to 100 mg/1 of cadmium, arsenic, copper, iron, lead, tin, zinc, cobalt, selenium, or silver are present.

Ultra CP-6 can also utilize nitrogenous compounds of various types during the course of remedial detoxification of the carbonaceous compounds.

Ultra CP-6 provides a level of bioaugmentation efficiency that is superb in quality, broad in applicability, and unique in stability and reliability.

Ultra CP-6 bacteria are able to sustain growth over a wide range of temperatures from a high of 45c to temperatures approaching as low as 4c on a great variety of carbon sources.

Ultra CP-6 is comprised of immobilized bacteria with special nutrients and stabilizers in a dry granular form. The product is stable for up to 12 months as long as it is kept cool and unexposed to excess moisture and freezing conditions.

Activity Count: 1.5 billion/per/gram/min.

Status: The Organisms in our Ultra CP-6 biological dry concentrate comply to: The Canadian - DSL list, and Class 1, non pathogenic, non mutating spore form / spore forming organisms of the bacillus family, In Asia, Australia, Europe, USA and most other countries.

Ultra CP-6   Substrates Attacked

Primary Mode of Action (Substrates Utilized Best): Phenol; benzene; toluene; other aromatic hydrocarbons with hydroxylated, nitrogenated groups; octane; ethane; other short-chained alkyl hydrocarbons.

Secondary Action (Substrates also attacked): Salicylic acid, biphenyl; xylol; phenoxy alcohols; mineral oils; lubricating oils, kerosene; surfactants; gasoline; pentachlorophenol. Intermediate length alkyl hydrocarbons and alcohols, fatty acids, benzolic acid, citrus oils.

General: Complex dyes, lignins, starchy complexes, carbohydrate by-product waste, wood pulp waste, structural board and pressboard waste, distillery waste, wood preservative waste, cresols, creosote, naphthalene, ethylene glycol,and heterogeneous aromatic hydrocarbon waste. protein complex wastes, oleaginous waxes or fats containing wastes, wastes with fats & oils and dissolved aromatics, hydrocarbons linked with aminos, glycerol esters.

Treating fuel oils, intermediate levels of moderate molecular weight hydrocarbon contamination in soil or aqueous environment, heavier machine oil, heavier grade lubricating oil.

General Industrial Applications: Petrochemical plants, refineries, chemical formulators, pharmaceutical processors, pulp and paper mills, wood processing and treatment plants, metal machining and fabrication plants, distilleries, textiles and food processing.

Example: (2411) Soil contaminated with fuel oil to 4 to 7 inch depth in a 1.4 acre surface area. The soil was first pre-treated with a natural wetting agent (Our Enviroplex Liquid) during tilling with conventional farming equipment, prior to each application of Ultra CP-6 , at a rate of 3 liters Enviroplex with 100 liters local pond water. There were also 3 applications of a conventional NPK 19-19-19 fertilizer at a rate of 100 lbs/as a bio-food source.

Application: Ultra CP-6 was applied in a water slurry solution 8 times at a rate of 30 lbs per application during an 8 week period and the area was remediated to comply with the local environmental standards (Much to their skeptical surprise). (The area was tilled on a weekly basis during application)

The Following are genus and species used in Ultra CP-6 : Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus polymyxa, Arthrobacter globiformis.

Note: Statements as to the use of products herein described are not to be construed as recommendations for their use in infringements of any patents.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Every waste treatment situation is different. Therefore, please contact one of your local sales or technical support representatives for further information.

PACKAGING: 10, 20, and 50 kg lined fiber drums

Biological Dispenser Waste TreatmentAlso available in pre-charged DispensoZyme Automatic Floating Units


UT Green Line

Ultra AF-8
 The Biological Solution to Food Plant and Municipal Pollution

A: Ultra AF-8 is a Bio-Enzymatic non pathogenic live bacteria/enzyme blend developed for the rapid liquefaction and digestion of food plant and municipal wastes.

B: Ultra AF-8 provides rapid hydrolyzation of fats, oils and greases to fatty acids which is followed by biological absorption and digestion, that prevents and even eliminates grease deposits and odors.

C: Ultra AF-8 may be used in effluent lines grease traps, drain lines,
holding ponds, lift stations, sewage injection pits and wet wells.

D: Ultra AF-8 contains a synergistic blend of highly active fat splitting enzymes, that are non pathogenic, non corrosive, safe to handle and store and are certified salmonella free.

Ultra Ultra AF-8 Characteristics

Activity Count: 1.5 billion/per/gram/min.

Status: The Organisms in our Ultra AF-8 biological dry concentrate comply to: The Canadian - DSL list, and Class 1, non pathogenic, non mutating spore form / spore forming organisms of the bacillus family, In Asia, Australia, Europe, USA and most other countries.

Beneficial Bacterial Strains/Enzymes
Protein Digesting Organisms/Enzymes, Starch Digesting Organisms/Enzymes, Cellulose Digesting Organisms/Enzymes, Detergent Digesting Organisms, Fat, Grease and Oil Digesting Organisms/Enzymes.

Appearance: Tan colored free flowing powder
Odor: Cereal like pleasant
Effective pH range 4.0 to 10.0
Bacterial count: 1.5 Billion per g min.

Effective use range:
1 kg to 20 Million liters min.
1 kg to 1 Million liters max.

The following is an example application in sugar mill waste treatment - Case 1292


PACKAGING: 10 and 20kg lined fiber drums
Biological Dispenser Waste TreatmentAlso available in pre-charged DispensoZyme Automatic Floating Units
UT Green Line

   Enviro Plus Odor Controller

                                   The Natural Organic Solution to Odor Pollution

The water-short cropland, the wastewater treatment lagoon, the feedlot and the swine and poultry barn manure pit all have as a common denominator, biological systems functioning in less than ideal conditions.

The effect on the crop is reduced yield and quality, while the observed effect on the other three is incomplete metabolism of the waste by the microorganisms. This partial metabolism generates malodorous by products and in the case of the lagoon also results in less than the maximum BOD removal.

Application of Enviro Plus to animal manure wastes or wastewater promotes normal reproduction of the microorganisms, as evidenced by dramatic population increases in treated wastes, and more complete digestion of the unwanted organic wastes.

This results in significantly reducing ammonia and H2S gases and other toxic chemical reactions, which in turn results in effectively controlling manure and waste odors.

Enviro Plus is effective regardless of temperature or pH conditions of the liquid or solid waste to which it may be applied. It works in both fresh and salt water and in highly acidic or alkali environments. Enviro Plus significantly improves the performance of most biological products and ecosystems under the most adverse conditions. It should always be considered as a part of any bioaugmentation or remediation program.

Biological Activity Of Enviro Plus

A living cell has a relatively narrow range of conditions that, can be considered optimum for its growth and reproduction. It survival range is much more broad but it does not function at an optimal level under conditions of extreme temperatures, low moisture, too acidic or alkaline surroundings, a high population density of competing organisms, high concentrations of dissolved salts, or in fluctuations of temperature, moisture, pH, etc...

A healthy cell has a membrane that can expend energy to maintain a high concentration gradient of nutrients and salts between the cell and the nutrient matrix. This process is known as active transport. When the membrane has been damaged by one or more of the previously listed adverse conditions, the active transport process diminishes. The nutrients in the cell are then lost and general cell functions, including metabolism and reproduction, are impaired.

Biochemical research has shown that a damaged membrane will reform and begin to function properly in the presence of very low concentrations of Enviro Plus Extract. Introduction of appropriate plant compounds can thus broaden the range of optimum conditions for living cells.

Enviro Plus has shown itself to be very effective in obtaining near normal crop yields when growing conditions are less than ideal.

A third use of Enviro Plus , still in the development stages, is showing great promise as an animal feed additive. It apparently optimizes the conditions for the microorganisms living in the digestive tract of the animal. In chickens it has increased egg production and eliminated Ammonia and H2S Gases-Odors in the excrement.

Ingredients: Based on food grade organic plant extracts of natural origin, including algenic, humic and lactic acids, manitol, tri-glycerides, glycocides, combined with sarsapogenin. (Patent Pending).

Use Rates: 1 to 25 ppm of total waste

Packaging: 10, 20 and 210 Liter Drums

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