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   Aquaculture Ammonia Treatment Ultra Bio-Zyme A.C.

* Live Beneficial Microorganisms For Nutrient Level Reductions *
* Improves Natural Water Quality *


Beneficial Bacterial Augmentation Of Aquaculture Systems

vailable as a Liquid and Dry Concentrate

Aquaculture as we well know, is the rapid growth of fish by artificially feeding heavily stocked fish systems. As a result of this increased feeding, metabolic activity of the fish is increased, thus increasing the levels of organic wastes and toxic compounds. Algae, bacteria and other microorganisms begin to grow. As a result, the ponds natural ecosystem cannot be maintained. Proper balances cannot be maintained and organic wastes build up to toxic levels (such as ammonia and nitrites). Therefore, massive blooms of algae grow. The dominant type of algae that is prevalent is blue-green algae. This is the major cause of off-flavors in fish. A supplement is needed to restore the ecosystem to a proper balance.

Ultra BioZyme A.C. is added to aquaculture systems to augment the natural process of waste removal. This improves water quality by providing a more diverse microbial population. The specially selected strains of bacteria in BioZyme A.C. break down waste to remove nutrients from the water.

Treatment of your aqua culture system with Ultra BioZyme A.C., when water quality is poor or nutrient concentrations are high, allows you to operate your system at capacity. Every successive treatment with Ultra BioZyme A.C. decreases the concentration of toxic nutrients and improves the balance of nutrients and microorganisms in your system. Isolated treatments can improve water quality temporarily. A program of successive treatments will consistently improve water quality.


Ultra BioZyme A.C. is a concentrated suspension of living beneficial good bacteria in a dormant state. Each liter contains more than 100 billion beneficial organisms. Many strains of beneficial bacteria have been selected to remove specific nutrients in your pond, raceway, tank, or hatchery. None of the bacteria/enzymes in Ultra BioZyme A.C. are harmful to fish or man.

Status: The Organisms in our Ultra BioZyme-AC biological liquid concentrate comply to: The Canadian - DSL list, and Class 1, non pathogenic, non mutating spore form / spore forming organisms of the bacillus family, In Asia, Australia, Europe, USA and most other countries.

Nitrification occurs when ammonia is changed to nitrate. Denitrification occurs when nitrate is changed to water and nitrogen gas which is dissipated into the atmosphere. High BOD or low ammonia levels cause nitrification to be inhibited.

Until the BOD causing organic compounds are decomposed by other bacteria in Ultra BioZyme A.C., ammonia levels will remain high). A series of treatments is necessary when BOD is high or ammonia is low to remove the excess nutrients.

Ultra BioZyme A.C. Suggested Treatment Rates And Application

A- Various ammonia levels can be treated.

1- 1/4 ppm when total ammonia measures between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm. Repeat at a 1/4 ppm treatment every 4 weeks.

2- Use 1.0 ppm when total ammonia is higher than 3.0 ppm, or whenever ammonia levels begin to rise. Follow up with 1/4 ppm treatments every 4 weeks or whenever ammonia levels begin to rise.

B- Ammonia, nitrite and maintenance treatments should begin with 1/2 to 1 ppm and should be followed by 1/4 ppm treatments as needed to keep ammonia nitrite and algae levels low.

1- 1/4 ppm when nitrite concentration measures between 3.0 or 10.0 ppm. Repeat at a 1/4 ppm treatment every 4 weeks, or as needed.

2- Use 1.0 ppm when nitrite concentration is higher then 10.0 ppm.

C- Off-Flavour treatment for a scheduled harvest should start at least three weeks before harvest. An initial treatment of 1 ppm should be followed by 1/2 ppm or 1/4 ppm treatments at 4 day intervals to keep the ammonia, nitrite, and algae levels low until the fish are "on-flavour". These later treatments must be continued until the fish are harvested to insure against "off-flavour" reoccurrence.

D- Fluctuations between morning and afternoon oxygen readings are much less when maintenance treatments are applied. Biochemical oxygen demand is reduced so that less oxygen is used at night and in cloudy weather.

E- Maintenance applications of 1/4 ppm per treatment have been sufficient to maintain good water quality, when applied on a needed schedule.

F-Hatcheries and raceways should be treated with 1 ppm based on the flow of water through the system. Repeat treatments should maintain 1 ppm in the system based on the flushing rate.


In heavily fed aqua culture systems, an initial drop in oxygenis is possible after treatment. This means that the bacteria are actively metabolizing the organic wastes, nutrients, and sludge in the system.

Application should be made in late afternoon as the initial period of darkness will favor the bacteria growth over the blue-green algae.

Sold and Packaged in: 10, 20 and 210 liter plastic drums.

Fish Feeds SupplementsRight Click Here: To download Our 2004 printable Catalogue on our Aquaculture biological water treatment products water purification uv sterilizers including product details and use information. (KB)

Novologics Germicidal UV

 Stainless Steel Water Sterilizers

      UV Germicidal Water Sterilizers

For Aquaculture Water Disinfection Disease Control

Virtually all Bacteria Molds and Fungi are Destroyed

Note: These are stainless steel UV broad spectrum germicidal sterilizers and NOT simple plastic UV clarifiers which only get rid of green water. 

One of the biggest problems in aquaculture production is the bacteria and fungi in the water which quickly multiply and kill fish and shrimps within a matter of hours or days. Now you can have the assurance that the treated water is free of pathogenic disease causing organisms.

NovoLogics UV Germicidal sterilizers are designed to serve several purposes: Used in aquaculture fish and shrimp ponds to rid water of parasites and disease causing pathogenic bacteria and to clear pea soup green water thus maintaining clear water quality. 

NovoLogics Germicidal Ultraviolet treatment also photo=oxidizes and destroys combined chlorine and chlorine byproducts such as  chloramines and other toxic organic pollutants including bad odors.

These corrosion resistant stainless steel germicidal UV light systems are effective in salt and fresh water applications

Economical - A penny for hundreds of gallons of purified plant growing water

Safe - A natural approach. Free of dangerous and toxic chemicals

Simple- Installation and virtually maintenance free

Installation: Simply install on your feed water inlet - before any type of nutrient injection systems. 

NovoLogics UV lights come in 14 watt units through 600 watts for aquaculture water applications. We also custom build units to suit your specification. 

Lifetime Warranty On All Our Stainless Steel Units

10,000 Hour UV Sterilizer Light Capacity  

All units are pre-tested for any manufacturing defects and come with complete simple installation instructions.

Aquaculture Biologics Mycotoxin Binder

Aquaculture Pelleted Feed What is Aquatrol-B1 Aquaculture Pelleted Feed

Aquatrol-B1 Mycotoxin Binding Premix Concentrate for Aquaculture Feeds

Aquatrol-B1 field studies are showing a high control potential in aquaculture fish feeds, in the control of various aflatoxins, through  mycotoxin binding inhibition. Numerous other benefits listed below have also been observed with the use of Aquatrol-B1.Aquaculture Shrimps Prawns

   Aquatrol-B1 Is A Natural Organic Alternative

Aquatrol-B1 contains natural highly adsorbent and absorbent montmorillonite, DE-fuller's earth layered silicate mineral clays, special humified vegetable carbons with honey comb like micro-pores structures which help to neutralize the toxic effects of residual mycotoxins endotoxins found in fish feed. Binds a broad range of mycotoxins which allows a safe passage through the digestive tract without absorbtion.

The ingredients have aggregate forming molecules that act as chelating agents with the ability to mobilize nutrients across various tissue membranes. This can increase the bioavailability of all nutrients and minerals within the fish feed, which are often complexed (tied-tip) by agents such as phytates and phosphates etc.

Aquatrol-B1 also contains mos mannan oligosaccharides (mannose glucomannans -  yeast cell wall extracts binders), combined with specific natural botanical plant extracts known for their beneficial effects in fish feeds.

Molds produce mycotoxins (the most well known being aflatoxin and vomitoxin) and while the mold itself is deactivated by heat or other sterilization, the toxins it leaves behind are not. Sensitivity to mycotoxins varies and the exact susceptibility of every fish and crustation is not known, but at some level of fish feed mycotoxin contamination will make them sick and die.

  Typical Benefits Of Using Aquatrol-B1

(1)    Binding of aflatoxin mycotoxins inhibition control

(2)    Helps reduce blood urea nitrogen 
(3)    Provides naturally chelated minerals
(4)    Normalize acid alkaline balance in gut
(5)    Stimulates production of digestive enzymes
(6)    Stimulates the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora
(7)    Improves feed conversion less fecal output
(8)    Lower ammonia and H2S gases (odors) in feces

General inclusion rates: Contact your local distributor

Compatible with high temperature processing via baking/extrusion/pelleting

Packaging - 20 Kg fiber kegs or bulk 1 ton/tote/bags       

Samples are available for qualified laboratory evaluation

Newsletter Research Mycotoxins Aflatoxin ControlReported pathological signs of mycotoxin poisoning in fish include: Aflatoxin: Fish general poor growth, anaemia, impaired blood clotting, sensitivity to bruising, damage to liver and other organs, decreased immune responsiveness, and increased mortality.

Prolonged feeding of a low concentration of aflatoxin (B1) to rainbow trout causes liver tumors (Lovell, 1992). Rainbow trout is reported to be one of the most sensitive animals to aflatoxin poisoning; the LD50 (dose causing death in 50% of the subjects) for aflatoxin in a 50g trout being 500–1000 ppb (0.5–1.0 mg/kg), and oral intakes of 0.4–1.0 ppb dietary AFB1 fed continuously for one year producing hepatic tumors (for review see Hendricks & Bailey, 1989). Signs of severe aflatoxicosis in rainbow trout include liver damage, pale gills and reduced red blood cell concentration.

However, warm water fish such as channel catfish are reported to be less sensitive to aflatoxin; a dietary concentration of 6600 ppb aflatoxin B1 causing reduced growth rate, haematocrit and haemoglobin concentration in channel catfish over a 10-week trial period (Lovell, 1992). Coho salmon (O. kisutch), chinook salmon (O. tschawytscha) and sockeye salmon (O. nerka) are also reported to be considerably less sensitive to aflatoxin poisoning than rainbow trout (Hendricks & Bailey, 1989).

Aquaculture Biologics TroutOchratoxin A: Rainbow trout - severe necrosis of liver and kidney tissue, pale kidney, light swollen livers and death; LD50 of 4.67mg/kg (Hendricks & Bailey, 1989; Lovell, 1992).

Aquaculture Biologics CatfishCyclopiazonic acid (CPA): Channel catfish - a dietary level of 100 ppb CPA significantly reducing growth, and 10,000 ppb causing necrosis of gastric glands. According to the above data CPA is more toxic to channel catfish than aflatoxin (Lovell, 1992).


Aquaculture Biologics Rainbow TroutVomitoxin: Rainbow trout - a dietary level of 1–12.9 ppm causing reduced growth and feed efficiency (Hendricks & Bailey, 1989)


Aquaculture Biologics Salmon Apart from the mycotoxins, dietary toxicological studies have not been performed on the majority of the other above mentioned contaminants. For general review see NRC (1983), Hendricks & Bailey (1989) and Roberts & Bullock (1989).

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